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British Merchant Navy and Royal Navy Sailors Lost on SS Saganaga

The following 29 sailors died when the SS Saganaga was torpedoed and sunk in the first U-boat attack at the Bell Island anchorage on September 5, 1942:


Robert Beattie, Second Engineer Officer, 29

David Norman Tilley Black, Third Radio Officer, 18

George Bourne, Boatswain, 47

Harry (Henry) Cook, Fireman, 23

badge of the British Merchant Navy, featuring a crown above the letters

Badge of the British Merchant Navy

Stanley Coultas, Cabin Boy, 18

Christopher Sidney Davidson (Davison), Cook, 25

Cecil Theodore Alexander Dennett, Second Radio Officer, 23

Robert Finney, Donkeyman, 42

Samuel Alfred Flatman, Ordinary Sailor, 20

Antonio Germain (Germaine), Donkeyman, 49  (Canadian Merchant Navy)

Thomas Gordon, Able Seaman, 45

George Harrison, Fireman, 45 (buried in Anglican Cemetery, Bell Island, NL)

Four gravestones of Merchant Navy sailors who died on September 5, 1942

Gravestones of four sailors from SS Saganaga on Bell island

Alfred Howorth, Able Seaman, Royal Navy DEMS Gunner, 33

Thomas Jackson, Fireman, 56

George McCormack, Able Seaman, Royal Navy DEMS Gunner, 25

Frederick H. Misselbrook, Able Seaman, Royal Navy DEMS Gunner, 21

James Thomas Neal, Assistant Cook, 42

John Elder Niven, Fourth Engineer Officer, 21

James Robertson, Second Officer, 32

Walter (William) Skelton, Able Seaman, 49

Edward Sleight, Assistant Steward, 21

large stone obelisk and stone wall with bronze plaques listing the names of dead Royal Navy sailors

Portsmouth Naval Memorial in Portsmouth, England

Frederick Stock Steele, Chief Steward, 34 (buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, St. John’s, NL)

Herbert Swain, Ordinary Seaman, 17 (buried in Anglican Cemetery, Bell Island, NL)

George Duncan Swan, First Radio Officer, 26

William Frederick Terry, Fireman, 41 (buried in Anglican Cemetery, Bell Island, NL)

Kenneth Alexander Turgoose, Assistant Steward, 18

Hjalmar Alexander Wigren, Donkeyman, 59

Daniel Wilson, Chief Officer, 49

Thomas Christie Wood, Able Seaman, 62 (buried in Anglican Cemetery, Bell Island, NL)

large stone memorial with a colonnade and bronze plaques listing the names of dead Merchant Navy sailors

Tower Hill Memorial in London, England

Their 14 crewmates survived the sinking.

All 45 crew from Lord Strathcona survived its sinking.


Canadian Virtual War Memorial

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Newfoundland Constabulary report of Head Constable William Russell (Bell Island), dated September 8, 1942 (The Rooms Provincial Archives Division, GN 13, box 249, file 23)