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The exhibit Gallery contains historic images and audio recordings from the collection of the Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives, accompanied by detailed historical information that forms the basis for the story pages.
A portrait photograph of an older man, detailed with charcoal accents.
A brick saw mill building is surrounded by heaps of sawdust with a water tower and refuse burner in winter.
Image shows half of an old store with centre entrance in black and white blended with a contemporary colour image of the other half of same building.
A sign at the entrance to a deserted mill site warns that the location is monitored by video surveillance.
A decorated fire truck leads a parade of children riding bicycles and adults carrying Canadian flags.
Two images of the same building are seen side by side. On the left the building is an old wooden hall while the one on the right is a home with siding and side entrance.
Two old tug boats rest on wooden logs beside a dilapidated wooden shed at the shoreline in winter.
Newspaper clipping shows a man standing on the side of a truck while water is being pumped in from a pipe above.
A painting of the Gillies water shows cars parked in front of the mill and the water tower.
Braeside mill production facilities and workflow diagram shows various numbered buildings with key on right hand side.
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