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The exhibit Gallery contains historic images and audio recordings from the collection of the Arnprior & McNab/Braeside Archives, accompanied by detailed historical information that forms the basis for the story pages.
A forester stands on the ice with one hand on his hip and the other draped over a large log.
A WWII soldier grinning with a cigarette in his mouth illustrates the front of a stamped post card addressed to R. Bethune, Esquire, Braeside, Ontario, Canada.
A woman and a young man stand next to old fashioned fuel pumps outside a general store.
Magazine clipping showing two men in WWII uniforms stand in front of an army tank looking at a map.
A young man sits on a horse in front of a small building with a sign for the Braeside Dairy over the door. A small boy and two other men look towards the camera. An insert appears in the lower right corner showing a bottle top for Russett's Dairy.
Two chimneys stand among the ruins of burned out buildings next to a river.
Children play in front of a brick school building equipped with a small bell tower.
A crowd at the Braeside Train Station watches an Orangeman’s Parade led by a man on a white horse.
Mill employees pose for a group photo in front of lumber mill located beside a river.
A man stands on a railway track that runs between buildings at a large saw mill site.
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