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Timeline of the Rolland Company

Black & white montage of an engraving and aerial photograph depicting the plant and its various buildings.

The Saint-Jérôme plant then and now (1883 and 1988).


1842 Librairie catholique de Jean-Baptiste Rolland bookshop founded; its name changes to J.B. Rolland & Fils in 1859
1882  La Compagnie de papier Rolland limitée (Rolland Paper Company Limited) founded in Saint-Jérôme.

Jean-Baptiste Rolland appointed company president.

1883  First sheet of superior-quality pure rag paper in Canada produced, on Machine No. 2
1886 Machine No. 2 installed at the Saint-Jérôme mill.
1888 Damien Rolland becomes second company president.
1900 Superfine Linen Record wins Grand Prix at the Paris World’s Fair.
1904 Mont-Rolland mill opens under the name                    Les Moulins du Nord.

Machine No. 3 installed at the Mont-Rolland mill.

1912 Machine No. 4 installed at the Mont-Rolland mill.

Les Moulins du Nord merges with the Rolland Company.

Stanislas Rolland becomes third company president.

1928 Company listed on the stock exchange as Compagnie de Papier Rolland Limitée / Rolland Paper Company Limited.

Jean Rolland becomes fourth company president.

Stanislas Rolland appointed chairman of the board of directors.

1929 Machine No. 5 installed at Saint-Jérôme.
1930 J.B. Rolland & fils stationery store and bookshop dissociates from the Rolland Paper Company.
1940 Machine No. 6 at Saint-Jérôme.
1942 Employees unionize.
1946 Pierre Rolland becomes fifth company president.


Black & white photograph of a man wearing a suit and tie.

Pierre Rolland, who served as the fifth president of the Rolland Paper Company, from 1946 to 1952.


1952 Lucien Rolland becomes sixth company president.
1955-1957 Machine No. 7 installed at Saint-Jérôme; Machine No. 1 withdrawn.
1964 Company acquires Canada Glazed Papers Limited of Scarborough, Ontario.
1965 Machine No. 8 at Saint-Jérôme; Machine No. 2 withdrawn.
1968 Machine No. 8 manufacturing process control automated.
1969-1970 Company moves into distribution with acquisition of two distribution companies with offices in Montreal and Toronto.
1975 Mont-Rolland plant upgraded; among other things, Machine No. 4 retrofitted to make paper for decorative laminate products.
1979 Company changes name from Rolland Paper Company to Rolland Inc.
1980 Machine No. 8 upgraded, including improvements to speed.


Black & white photograph showing a group of men in a factory.

Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau visits during the centennial celebrations of the Rolland Company in 1982.


1986-1990 Machine No. 3 at Mont-Rolland upgraded.
1989 Company begins producing paper made from recycled fibre.
1990 Mont-Rolland plant closes.

No. 3 and 4 machines withdrawn.

1992 Company sold to Cascades, run by the Lemaire brothers of Kingsey Falls, Quebec. Name changed to Rolland Inc., Cascades Group (also called Rolland Division).
1996 Company acquires Provincial Paper mill in Thunder Bay, Ontario, specialized in coated papers.
1998 Cascades Converting Centre established in Saint-Jérôme industrial park.
2000 Final year as a listed company; Rolland is henceforth integrated under Cascades Specialty Products Group, Rolland Division.
2004 Company invests in upgrades to the plant’s boiler room to allow use of biogas from Sainte-Sophie landfill site as fuel.
2005 Machine No. 5 at Saint-Jérôme shut down.

Thunder Bay plant closes.

2014 Rolland sold by Cascades to a U.S. buyout firm, HIG Capital. It remains a private company, now known as Rolland Enterprises Inc.
2017 Company restructured, becoming the Rolland division of Sustana Group.
2018 Cup to Cup: Closing the Loop initiative launched in partnership with Starbucks to recycle coffee cups.


Colour photograph of piles of coffee cups.

Cup to Cup: Closing the Loop coffee cup recycling initiative.