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“Repetition builds reputation”

Black & white photograph of a character in a suit with a top hat made of paper.

Rollo, the Paper Man, in 1933.

“La répétition fait la réputation.” This was the slogan that drove the Rolland Company’s sales and marketing division. Around 1890, Damien Rolland travelled to Toronto to set up a sales branch there, and later did the same in Winnipeg. Before long, all of Canada knew the Rolland name.

Through the years, the company never stopped promoting the quality of its papers and the variety of its product range, in consistent and original fashion. Early in the 20th century, the key to sales was direct contact with representatives, and it was important to differentiate Rolland from its mainly U.S.-based competitors. The company’s sales reps, whether in Quebec, Toronto or Winnipeg, would tour the plants to learn more about the manufacturing of the paper they had to sell. When meeting customers, they would be armed with a portfolio of paper samples, and could give away trial packets containing various types of paper.

Marketing at Rolland (subtitles in FR and EN) – Watch the video with transcription (EN).

To stay close to its customers and keep pace with their demands, the company was constantly broadening its product range, making papers adapted to new technology (typewriters, photocopiers, computer printers) and printing office items like calendars, agendas and holiday programs. All on Rolland paper, of course: what better way to demonstrate the quality of your product than to show off its various uses?

Black & white photograph of a stand displaying numerous photographs, paper samples and glass containers. Posters advertise the Rolland Company name.

Rolland Company stand at the 1926 Produced in Canada exhibition.


Advertisement in English depicting a man writing Chinese characters on paper.

Advertisement for Superfine Linen Record, 1931.

The company strove for constant visibility when it came to advertising as well, whether the targets were readers of newspapers or of trade magazines. To raise customer awareness of its products, Rolland published countless informative brochures about newly introduced papers, posters, and other merchandise. Over the years, it also took part in many exhibitions and trade shows across Canada, ranging from book fairs to Expo 67.

The motto was “La répétition fait la réputation”— “Repetition builds reputation.” The Rolland company name and the names of its papers had to be everywhere, to ensure they would be “top-of-mind” with customers.

When you have photocopy needs, ask for ROLOXCOPIES instead. […] The goal is for the word ROLOX to be constantly present in our offices and branches, and on the premises of our distributors, who will pass it on to their customers.

Excerpt from an information bulletin from the marketing department
about new Rolox photocopy paper [Translation].