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Solidarity: The Largest Political Protest in British Columbia’s History

2018 marked 35 years since one of the most significant events in the community of organized labour in British Columbia: the Solidarity Movement of 1983. Labour and activist organizations alike across the province, including unions, environmental, religious, social justice and women’s rights groups, came together over the course of several weeks through escalating actions in what would effectively become the largest political protest in BC’s history. When it all came to an end, the historic Kelowna Accord was signed, but not everyone was pleased with the results.

35 years later, we can look back at this event and acknowledge the power of solidarity between communities. This exhibit from the BC Labour Heritage Centre explores the diverse experiences and recollections of workers and activists involved in this moment in history through archival photos, videos, objects, and oral history interviews. Their stories will help us learn from the past and work towards the future.


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Solidarity: The Largest Political Protest in British Columbia's History. BC Labour Heritage Centre.