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Crew: Alfred Moody and John Remi King

Al Moody works on board the SS Florizel as a baker. The February 23, 1918 voyage is to be his last trip working on the ship. He will soon be moving to England with his growing family.

Alfred had taught his wife Lillian how to decorate wedding cakes and she uses this skill to bring in extra income.

After Alfred perishes in the disaster, his wife Lillian becomes a midwife in order to help support her family. She goes on to deliver over 1000 babies into the world.

Black and white archival photograph of a man with a moustache wearing a suit and tie.

John Remi King.

John Remi King works onboard the SS Florizel as 2nd Officer. He is lovingly known as “Daddy” to his friends and colleagues in St. John’s. King is washed overboard along with 30-40 other passengers and crew members when a huge wave hit. A friend writes a poem about John Remi King after his passing, including this verse:

No more across the ocean
He’ll sail upon it’s breast
He loved it with devotion
But now he lies at rest
A seaman true and steady
He was beloved by all
And all his friends knew “Daddy”
Was ready for the call