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Consequences and Memorials

Black and white photograph of Peter Pan Statue. Tall statue with animals, people, and a boy standing on top.

Peter Pan statue commissioned by Sir Edgar Bowring.

The inquiry suspends Captain Martin’s Master’s Certificate for 21 months. He is allowed to retain his Chief Mate’s Certificate.

Those who are grieving attend funerals for weeks. Even the seal hunt—a massive annual event about to begin—is delayed for the funeral of Captain Joseph Kean, son of famed sealer Captain Abram Kean.

Over the months that follow, memorials are created and dedicated to those who lost their lives. They include a stained-glass window in St. Thomas’s Anglican Church for John and Betty Munn, and a monument in Mount Carmel Cemetery honouring the Catholics who died.

In a special tribute, Sir Edgar Bowring commissions a statue of Peter Pan—to remember another child who would never grow up: his granddaughter, Betty Munn. You can see it still, in Bowring Park.

Over time, the Florizel spills her contents into the ocean. Many of them wash ashore and are taken home as souvenirs. This serving dish cover was used as a planter before being donated to Admiralty House Communications Museum.

Black and white modern photograph of a metal serving dish cover.

Serving dish cover.