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Cast Off

A fine ship and a seasoned crew
The luxury liner SS Florizel is not yet 10 years old. Built in Scotland in 1909, it can comfortably house 145 passengers in First Class rooms and 48 more in Second Class. The ship also carries cargo—more than $200,000-worth on this trip alone.

On this trip, the smallpox outbreak is causing some challenges for staffing, too. Still, 59 crew report for duty—some regular, some replacements. Among those filling in are William James, Fred Roberts, Michael Dunphy and stewardess Margaret Keough. The crew also includes thirteen Spanish firemen from New York who will keep the steam engine full of coal, two Naval Reserve gunners in case the Florizel meets prowling enemy ships, and two wireless operators who work for the Marconi company.

The crew has little concern for the brewing storm. They know the Florizel is a strong, sturdy vessel. It has often sliced through ice during its seal-hunting voyages in March and April.

So, all is in order when “Full Astern” is finally called. The Florizel backs away from the wharf and turns for The Narrows.

Some of the cargo being shipped on the Florizel during this voyage includes:

Shippers                     Description of Goods      Value
Globe Trading Co.  290 cases of lobster          $7,250.00
A. Goodridge            80 casks of codfish            $4,000.00
P.E. Outerbridge     250 barrels of herring      $5,000.00
C.P. Eagan                 9 barrels of butter              $209.76
J.P. Kieley                  7 packages of films            $120.00
J. Miller                      342 barrels of herring      $6,840.00
Royal NFLD Regt.  2 cases of oiled clothing  $450.00
R. Templeton          121 cases of lobster            $2,605.00
NFLD Brewery        14 gas tubes                          $210.00
Bowring Bros.         50 barrels of cod oil          $2,660.40
A. E. Hickman         280 casks of codfish         $11,200.00