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Colour photograph of the entrance hall of the Beaulne Museum. The photo highlights furnishings and woodwork, as well as a wide, carpeted staircase at the back.

Entrance hall of the Beaulne Museum, 1912

This exhibit has given a good overview of the inventiveness and creative spirit of Coaticook’s residents. The sheer number and range of accomplishments means that choices had to be made, because it was too difficult to cover all the inventions and innovations in this space.

The Beaulne Museum wishes to thank the following people and organizations for their help:

• The Coaticook Historical Society
• The Françoise-Maurice Library of Coaticook
• The Municipality of Coaticook
• Caroline Sage, Director-General of the Parc de la gorge of Coaticook
• Jean Provencher, Owner of ‘’la Laiterie de Coaticook’’
• Diane Goyette, Past Co-owner of the Orchard “ Verger Le Gros Pierre”
• Gilles Gagné, President, Gagné Lessard Sports Inc.
• Michael Dougherty, Past President of the Harmonie of Coaticook
• Gerald Cutting
• Michel Guimond
• Martial Martineau

Current generations of Coaticook residents are proud to follow in the footsteps of the region’s pioneers.

You are invited to visit the Eastern Townships, the Coaticook Valley, and include a stop at the Beaulne Museum on your itinerary.

This exhibition was supported by the Community Stories investment program of the Virtual Museum of Canada, which helps smaller Canadian museums and heritage organizations work with their communities to develop virtual exhibits that engage online audiences in the stories, past and present, of Canada’s communities.