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A Triumph for the Dairy Industry

Colour photograph of the façade of a two-storey building, built mostly of red brick, with the tops of trees visible behind. There are two front entrances and many windows, wtih picnic tables and benches in front.

Front View of the Coaticook Dairy (Laiterie de Coaticook), 2004

We’re proud of our iced milk.

Jean Provencher, December 2017

One company has benefitted from the number of prosperous dairy farms in the region: the local dairy, the “Laiterie de Coaticook”. The innovative spirit of its owners has always been at the root of its success, a spirit alive and well in the current owner, Jean Provencher.  The dairy’s savvy and know-how have made it one of Quebec’s “must-see” destinations. It makes a wide array of products to offer its customers.  Three products in particular have contributed to the dairy’s success: Vison Blanc, Old-fashioned Iced Milk, and Frozen Greek-style Yoghurt. 

Jean Provencher, Owner of “Laiterie de Coaticook” (captions available in both FR and EN). View this video with a transcript (EN).

The Vison Blanc is a cocktail made of a blend of ice cream and alcohol that has existed since the 1970’s. Its creation bears witness to the close partnership of the owners of the dairy at the time, Fernand Houle and Émile Provencher. The Vison blanc was their entry into the “LAITvention”, an innovation competition at the local milk festival (“Festival du Lait”), today known as the “Exposition Vallée de la Coaticook”), where it garnered top honours.  Their drink became the official cocktail of the festival.

Colour photograph of, from left to right, Thérèse Houle, Fernand Houle, Émile Provencher, Gisèle Provencher, and Archbishop Jean-Marie Fortier. The group stands around a table covered by a teal-coloured tablecloth, on which stands a transparent bowl filled with the

The Inventors of the “Vison blanc”, With Family and Friends, circa 1978

Another of its signature products, its Old-fashioned Iced Milk, appreciated for its smoothness and creaminess, is still recommended by many nutritionists today, for its good taste and healthy ingredients.

Colour photograph of a 1-litre container of vanilla iced milk, with the label of the Coaticook dairy in blue and white.

Container of Old-fashioned Iced Milk, 2008

In 2013, in response to consumer demands, the company began to commercialize its Frozen Greek-style Yoghurt. This new product was entered in a competition organized by the CTAQ, an association representing Quebec’s food industry (known as the “Conseil de la transformation alimentaire du Québec”). It won the prize for Food Innovation, even before it was available on the shelves.

Colour photo of a 2-litre container of Greek-style Frozen Yoghurt, with the label of the Coaticook dairy in green and white.

Greek-style Frozen Yoghurt Container, 2013

Over the past few years the “Laiterie de Coaticook”has introduced a range of new products, earning it a reputation for excellence not only in Quebec but across the country.