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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
Colour photograph of a map that shows the location of Coaticook within the province of Quebec.
Colour photograph of a map of the Eastern Townships with surrounding Quebec regions and American states.
Colour image of the limits of Coaticook and surrounding region, showing the town's districts and streets, as well as some bodies of water.
Historical colour photograph of an aerial view of the Coaticook River, showing a bridge and a few houses.
Black and white engraving of a map of a section of Coaticook. There are houses, buildings, roads, and a viaduct, with open fields at the top of the engraving.
Colour photograph of a section of the Coaticook River bordered by pines.
Colour photograph of the suspension bridge in a green forested setting, with the Gorge underneath.
Colour photograph of a view of Coaticook surrounded by forested areas. The church and steeple of St-Edmond are visible, as well as the large building of the school Collège Rivier along with a few other buildings.
Black and white portrait image of Richard Baldwin, Jr. wearing a black suit, white shirt, and a black bow tie.
Black and white painted portrait of Marcus Child leaning on a walking stick, dressed in a black smoking jacket with a black bow tie.
Black and white portrait photograph of Samuel Cleveland facing to the side; he has a white beard and mustache, and is dressed in a grey striped suit with a black bow tie.
Black and white portrait photograph taken on an angle of Aaron Alexander Adams, with white hair and beard, dressed in a dark suit.
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