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Created in Coaticook

One Town's Story of Ingenuity and Creativity

Historically, people from Coaticook have created an astonishing array of inventions and innovations. The ingenuity of the town’s residents has continued up to the present day. Their spirit of inventiveness has contributed to long list of diverse fields over the years. These include industry, mechanics, agriculture, the agri-food industry, health, culture and many others.

People from the town and surrounding region have registered a remarkable number of patents. It follows that products from Coaticook have often earned praise and accolades. At times they have gained international recognition. New inventions made people’s daily lives easier. Furthermore, time and again, they contributed to a better quality of life for all.

The history of these inventions isn’t well known, even to the local population. This exhibit pieces some of these stories together to reach a broader audience. It invites you to get a sense of the inventive spirit of people from Coaticook. This spirit has been alive and well from the town’s earliest days right up to the present time.

With this exhibit we offer you an important piece of our history, drawing on videos and historical photos. We hope you enjoy discovering the stories of our inventors and their inventions!

Time to delve into this intriguing story….

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Created by the Beaulne Museum.