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The twisting and winding history of electric cars is as complex as the wiring used to make them. Please browse the gallery below for all the images and videos related to the exhibition. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video clip.
Colour woodcut of a man demonstrating sparking electrical apparatus to a group of men in 19th-century formal dress, including a seated Napoleon Bonaparte.
Diagram showing a complicated electrical machine, a horseshoe magnet mounted on gears underneath two wire coils.
A toy-sized three-wheeled electric vehicle made of wood, with an exposed motor and glass battery.
Diagram of a cylindrical glass battery filled with liquid, mounted inside a wooden box.
Woodcut of a shocked crowd watching a man in a coat and top hat drive a three-wheeled electric vehicle along a cobbled street, chased by several barking dogs.
Bust portrait of a well-dressed man in a 19th-century business suit, with light hair and a prominent moustache.
Woodcut of a six-seater electric vehicle that resembles an open-sided wagon with a canopy roof.
Black and white image of a Victorian house with a large balcony.
A newspaper headline. Text reads MOTOR CARRIAGE. First appearance of the New Vehicle in Toronto. Invention of a Toronto Man- Snow Interferes with a Street Exhibition- The Experiment a Success.
Two open-fronted electric taxicabs parked next to each other in a street scene. Each carries a passenger and a uniformed operator in a top-hat.
Edited colour photograph of a bullet-shaped car. Text on the hull reads “JAMAIS CONTENTE / 1899”
Black and white photograph of a moustached man driving a high-seated electric car through deep snow.
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