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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to "A Community Storybook". Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A coloured conceptual plan of three town blocks showing potential layouts; each area is noted by dot and written heading
A black and white newspaper clipping showing a photograph of a group of people looking up into the night sky; lighted stage in background; typed text underneath
A black and white aerial image showing six blocks of a town. A variety of public and residential buildings can be seen as well as a park in the top left hand corner.
A black and white clipping from a newspaper depicting a photograph of a small boy on a merry-go-round horse; the young boy wears a hat and is looking up; a baby carriage, people and a ferris wheel are visible in the background.
A long hortizontal piece of red fabric that is fraying at both the top and bottom end. There is a crest below the top edge and bold black text underneath.
a sepia coloured photograph from 1926 showing nine girls seated on a bench with a wooden fence immediately behind them. A large two storey structure takes up the majority of the background. The image was taken on an angle so the fence and building appear to be slanted towards the right side.
A sepia coloured image from c. 1930s showing four men dressed all in white standing in a park. To the right of each of them is a horse attached to a buggy. The man on the left side appears to be holding something in his hand. There is a fifth man seated inside of the buggy on the far right. In the background, a large roof and tall baseball diamond fence is visible.
A sepia image of seven men standing and five sitting in front of them posing for a team photo. They are in a park and eight of the men are wearing a uniform.
The front of a small circular button that has a tan/brown background with black text on it.
A graphic illustration of land divided into individual lots with each indicated by owner name and date granted
A black and white vertical advertisement for the Aurora Horse Show comprising mostly text below a photograph of a horse's head; ad framed with double lines and a black star at each corner
A black and white photograph of a football (soccer) team posing in three rows, five in uniform sit on grass with middle boy holding a ball, second row of 5 in uniform seated on a bench, last row of 5 standing behind; four houses and a picket fence visible in background
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