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The Leighton Art Centre is both a Heritage Home Museum, Art Gallery, and Education Centre occupying the picturesque house and land formerly owned by two prominent Alberta artists: A.C. Leighton and Barbara Leighton. The Leightons travelled the world together, pursuing artistic inspiration and places to call home. After a lifetime of contributing to Alberta’s art community Barbara, who outlived her husband, turned their beautiful home into an art gallery and founded an art education centre in a nearby abandoned schoolhouse. Barbara left the entire property to the charitable foundation that continues to oversee the Leightons’ remarkable legacy.
Block printed textile yardage with a brown design of birds, leaves and flowers on a ground of pale pink and chartreuse.
Colour photo of woman in glasses and fur coat with snowy town in background.
Colour photo of man roofing an old-fashioned white schoolhouse with green pickup-truck in front.
Colour photo of woman facing away, with branding iron in hand, branding circular object on outdoor wall.
Black and white photo of two adults and one child around fire pit with old fashioned schoolhouse behind.
Black and white photo of woman working at a table with younger woman student standing opposite; bookshelf and art supplies behind.
Black and white photo of three women and one man working in art studio filled with textiles and ceramics; bright window behind.
Black and white photo of woman weaving on cardboard loom with young girl.
Colour photograph with a woman wearing a hat and suede jacket, holding a frame; man in a suit stands behind her and a crowd of people seated at tables look on.
Colour photo of five women on deck with piles of raw wool and two looms.
Black and white photo of woman with grey hair and glasses seated in bright room with blurry background.
Colour photo of three adults and two children with outbuildings behind.
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