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The Leighton Art Centre is both a Heritage Home Museum, Art Gallery, and Education Centre occupying the picturesque house and land formerly owned by two prominent Alberta artists: A.C. Leighton and Barbara Leighton. The Leightons travelled the world together, pursuing artistic inspiration and places to call home. After a lifetime of contributing to Alberta’s art community Barbara, who outlived her husband, turned their beautiful home into an art gallery and founded an art education centre in a nearby abandoned schoolhouse. Barbara left the entire property to the charitable foundation that continues to oversee the Leightons’ remarkable legacy.
Sepia photo of group of artists sketching on bank of river in treed and rocky landscape.
Black and white photo of man in white smock, holding paintbrushes and palette, sitting next to easel with painting of girl next to river.
Sepia portrait of man with moustache seated in wood panelled room, wearing glasses, suit and tie, and smoking cigarette. Paintings on wall.
Pencil sketch of a mountain with water in the foreground.
Oil painting of a mountain with river in the foreground.
Watercolour painting of old clapboard buildings with a pathway between them and ascending up a hill.
Sepia studio portrait of young woman in glasses.
Painting of woman next to tent, campfire and trees, wearing rain wear, holding saddle.
Black and white photo of sharply dressed couple standing on dock, consulting something in woman's hand.
Black and white studio portrait of young woman with glasses, wearing dark scarf and light blazer.
Colour aerial photo of black and white house with rolling hills and mountains in distance.
Architectural drawing on grid paper of a tall, peaked building with notes and measurements.
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