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The Road to Rebellion exhibit at the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum highlights the role of the Children of Peace, the Community of Sharon and the Sharon Temple during the Rebellion of 1837 in their quest for equality, democracy and responsible government.
York Pioneers at Temple
Abandoned Temple
The Sharon Temple in the fall time.
A replica jailcell in the exhibit space of the Sharon Temple. Guests are able to step inside and view the collection of rebellion boxes.
Replica outfit of the British Army. Scarlet tunic and tall, cylindrical military cap with sargent's plate.
Replica outfit the rebels would have worn: large brimmed hat, black coat, white cotton shirt, green vest and grey pants
Portrait of William Graham seated.
Mary Doan's letter to Charles Doan in jail.
The Second Meeting House used by the Children of Peace for meetings and feasts.
The First Meeting House used by the Children of Peace for meetings.
The Sharon Band lined up in front of the general store. Many members were also Children of the Peace.
The oldest known photo of the Sharon Temple. Date unknown.
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