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Black and white image of the Sharon Temple, a three story stacked square building surrounded by large maple trees.

The north facade of the Sharon Temple

At the Sharon Temple National Historic Site, it is our belief that to maintain democracy and responsible government, it is up to individuals to do their part in the electoral process by voting and staying informed.

We are strong advocates for the rights of citizens, as well as for the inclusion of all those seeking citizenship. We support the rights of citizens to use their voices to express their values and concerns in our democratic system. We aim to educate others about the history of democracy in Canada. We want to inspire peace, hope, love, charity, and inclusion in our diverse country.

We also believe that any voice, no matter how small, can make a difference in the fight for social justice. While the Rebellion of 1837 was not in itself successful, it was an important event along the way to create the Canada we know today.

Now that you have learned about the Rebellion, please take a virtual walk through our exhibit!