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The Road to Rebellion exhibit at the Sharon Temple National Historic Site and Museum highlights the role of the Children of Peace, the Community of Sharon and the Sharon Temple during the Rebellion of 1837 in their quest for equality, democracy and responsible government.
The old colourful logo used for the Music at Sharon events that ran from 1981 to 1990.
Colour painting of David Willson.
An illustration of the battle at Montgomery's Tavern showing the shooting of Col. Robert Moodie.
A photo of Jacob's ladder inside the Temple.
A black and white photograph of the Temple before it was restored by the York Pioneer and Historical Society. Many windows are broken and the field was full of grazing cows.
A black and white image of the Temple full of artifacts collected by the York Pioneers before the exhibition building was built to store them.
Black and white image of the ark that sits in the center of the Temple
A replica jailcell in the exhibit space of the Sharon Temple. Guests are able to step inside and view the collection of rebellion boxes.
Black and white image of the Sharon Temple, a three story stacked square building surrounded by large maple trees.
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