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We invite you to peruse our gallery images for a virtual tour of Villa Les Rochers, summer home of Sir John A. Macdonald and Lady Agnes Macdonald. Click on any image to enlarge it and read its description or to watch a short documentary video.
A one-and-a-half-storey summer cottage with a brick chimney and two dormer windows. It has a small but tidy front lawn and plantings of shrubs and peonies along the edge of a plain verandah. There a spruce tree in the left foreground, and in the background, a cloud-strewn but sunny sky.
A black and white photo of Sir Hewitt Bernard in woolen short coat and striped trousers, his legs crossed, resting his right arm on a round table and a book or ledger in front of him.
A formal black and white portrait of Louisa Macdonald, a woman standing in a full-length black dress, holding one hand on the back of a chair. Her dark hair is parted in the middle and arranged at the back. Her expression is distant and serious.
A colour photo of a map depicting the gulf of the Saint Lawrence, the Gaspé region, and the length of the river itself almost to Quebec City. The land surrounding the river and gulf has lakes and smaller rivers drawn in also.
A colour photo of a beach scene, though no water is visible: to the left is a rocky escarpment studded with spruce and pine trees, at the centre, are large squarish boulders that appear to have been deposited by glacial action. To the front and right, flat sand with dried deposits of seaweed, sticks and shells that would suggest that the setting is tidal. Bright sky above.
Lady Agnes Macdonald crouches next to a chair in which her baby Mary is propped, 1868.
A photocopy of a listing in a newspaper (the Quebec Morning Chronicle) advertising a house for rent (Villa Les Rochers), with a photo of the house attached.
A pale watercolour of a river view, with a dirt road in the foreground, some sailboats on the water, an island and the far shore in the distance, under a colourless sky.
Watercolour painting of part of a tall building from the bottom of which a chute of water gushes into a waterway. A wooden structure is erected next to the building and shrubs grow next to the structure.
Watercolour image of a young dark-haired woman reclining on a chair with her feet up resting on a footstool in front of a fireplace. A blue shawl covers her shoulders and arms; she is reading a book.
Watercolour of fields divided by fences and treelines, with a wide river and mountains in the distance.
A pale watercolour of a riverside scene, with a rocky outcrop, gentle waves, with hills and islands in the distance, under a semi-clouded sky.
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