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We invite you to peruse our gallery images for a virtual tour of Villa Les Rochers, summer home of Sir John A. Macdonald and Lady Agnes Macdonald. Click on any image to enlarge it and read its description or to watch a short documentary video.
Black and white photograph of the head and shoulders of Lady Dufferin, with her hair swept up, and a formal dress with a lacy squared bodice and jewelled necklace.
Black and white photograph of Mary Macdonald, a thin young lady leaning forward in a wicker chair, with her hands clasped on her lap. She wears a white dress with a black sash; her hair is dark and her expression vacant.
a black and white photo of nine men in overalls and shirts and hats, sitting randomly upon a wooden structure that supports a load of lumber laid in a single row; in the background stand tall trees.
A black and white photo of Sir John A. Macdonald, an older gentleman, wearing a woolen suit holding a pair of spectacles.
Photo of a black and white poster advertising the Canadian Pacific Railway, featuring large lettering and three photographs of Ottawa.
A black and white photo taken in 1885, with over a hundred gentlemen in dark woolen suits surrounding one, Sir Donald A. Smith, who is poised above a piece of railroad track, wearing a top hat and holding a large hammer against the track, about to drive the last railroad spike for the Canadian Pacific Railway.
A black and white photograph of an old wooden church with a steeple at the front, and a two-storey minister's house erected quite close to the front of the church.
Lady Agnes Macdonald dressed in a long black dress standing in front of a hearth, next to a fur coat which is draped over a chair.
A colour, side-view photograph of St. Bartholomew's, an old wooden church with a front steeple. In the photo's foreground is a gravestone and in the background, trees and sky.
Colour photograph of St. Bartholomew's Anglican church interior, wooden pews, wooden backdrop to altar, a plain wall in the centre of which is a stained glass window.
A colour photograph of a wooden slat-backed, painted chair with a woven seat which is so worn it is almost unattached to the frame of the seat on one side. The round-knob handles of the chair, and the armrests themselves, are so worn that all the paint has come off that part. The chair has been placed in front of a wooden pew behind which there are rows of pews. The wide floorboards of the church floor are unpainted and dry.
Black and white photograph of a man (Lord Monck) standing, leaning on a folded-up umbrella, his other hand held behind his back. There is a chair next to him on which sits a top hat. The man has a full beard and is dressed in a double-breasted woolen overcoat.
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