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We invite you to peruse our gallery images for a virtual tour of Villa Les Rochers, summer home of Sir John A. Macdonald and Lady Agnes Macdonald. Click on any image to enlarge it and read its description or to watch a short documentary video.
View of Villa Les Rochers, a large house and verandah, plus steps leading up to it, taken from the lawn. The sky is colorless.
A colour photo depicting a wide view of two aspects of a large verandah, the shaded side with chairs on it and the sunny side with two people standing at the far end.
Sepia-toned photograph of an expansive house (Kenneth Molson's estate) surrounded by an iron fence with gate, and two small children in sailor suits in the foreground.
Formal black and white photo of three seated people (William C. Meredith, his wife Sofia Naters Holmes Meredith, and their son Henry Meredith), on elaborately carved chairs, the elderly couple in front, and the younger, bearded man seated behind them on a stool.
A formal black and white photograph of Sir Charles Tupper, seated, with dark hair and sideburns, in a suite and vest, his hands resting on his thighs and a watch-chain visible across his front. His expression is frowning and the edges of his mouth are turned down.
A colour photo of an old-fashioned upholstered chesterfield set in a nook behind a door, its back against a wallpapered wall upon which hangs a painting of cherubs.
View of the interior corner of a dining room, with an upholstered chair and a wooden sideboard with drawers, cupboard doors and a mirror. The wall behind the furniture is wallpapered in a floral design.
A colour photo of an old wooden victrola, its lid propped open, and next to the victrola is a cast-iron music stand.
A colour photograph of a Glenwood brand cast iron cookstove, with polished metal cooking and warming surfaces. The viewer is looking at the stove from the front, facing the oven compartment's door. The stove sits on a square of tin that protects the floor. A ceramic coffeepot stands on the uppermost warming shelf of the stove.
A cast-iron black painted umbrella stand about two and a half feet (62 cm) high and 18 inches (45 cm) wide, six inches (15 cm) deep. The cast iron is formed with symmetrical floral designs. The handles of two canes and one umbrella protrude from the top of the stand. Wallpaper adorns the wall behind it.
A colour photograph of Sir John A. Macdonald's bed, a wooden three-quarter size bed, featuring a tall headboard and smaller footboard, with scuffed blue paint especially along the sideboards.
A precise and detailed watercolour of four indigenous people; two women, two men, in a birchbark canoe, one of the women holding a paddle and the two men, standing, holding rifles, one of which is aimed upwards and to the right.
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