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We invite you to peruse our gallery images for a virtual tour of Villa Les Rochers, summer home of Sir John A. Macdonald and Lady Agnes Macdonald. Click on any image to enlarge it and read its description or to watch a short documentary video.
Sir John A. Macdonald sits casually on the steps in front of Charlottetown's Province House, where his Fathers of Confederation all stand around him.
Black and white photo of a woman (Lady Frances Monck) standing, a wide full-length skirt draped with lace; she is turning the pages of a book which is open on a stand in front of her.
This 1883 prescription issued to Sir John A Macdonald called for him to take a mixture of iron phosphate, arsenic and strychnine to treat digestive pain.
A photograph of a hand-written letter dated July 19, 1884.
Black and white photograph taken from above a canal with Ottawa's parliament buildings in the distance; in the canal are men on a logging raft.
Black and white photo of an old wooden church, St. Bartholomew's Anglican church with a steeple in front, one person emerging from the front entrance, and a picket fence all across the front of the church property, in the foreground of the photo. Also there are several large trees between the fence and the church.
Sir John A. Macdonald in a formal suit sits upon a chesterfield holding an open sheaf of papers on his knee.
A black and white photograph of a one-horse carriage, with a covered roof and a door and windows on it, and four large wooden wheels. It is resting on a lawn with trees behind it.
A formal black and white portrait of Lord Dufferin in a dark suite with a white handkerchief in the front pocket, standing with his left hand on his hip.
Black and white portrait of Sir Hector Langevin, a middle-aged man, clean shaven but for a small beard on his chin, dark hair, wearing a jacket and vest and bow tie, looking to the viewers left as though he's focused on something.
A black and white photograph of Sir Adolph Caron, a young bearded man seated, holding a closed umbrella next to his crossed legs, looking to the left of the viewer. He wears a double-breasted wool coat and a dark tie.
A grainy, black and white photo of five adults (Sir John A. Macdonald, Lady Agnes Macdonald and members of the Tilley family) standing and seated on some rocky ground, with the Saint Lawrence River behind them.
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