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We invite you to peruse our gallery images for a virtual tour of Villa Les Rochers, summer home of Sir John A. Macdonald and Lady Agnes Macdonald. Click on any image to enlarge it and read its description or to watch a short documentary video.
Watercolour painting of a curved sandy beach, with a wooden fence along the back edge and a house in the middle distance, with a clouded sky looming over.
A vibrant watercolour depicting a riverside view looking lengthwise instead of across the river, a rocky outcropping looming over a sandy beach where a canoe is tethered. There are trees in the distance, and undulating clouds.
A watercolour image of a gentle shoreline scene, with a little water lifting upon a crescent-shaped beach, some vegetation in the foreground and what might be flowers visible amongst the vegetation in the background.
Watercolour painting of a river scene depicting part of a wooden building, a pathway, rocky outcrops, a wooden fence, and the Saint Lawrence River in the distance.
Watercolour painting of an inlet on a river, with an anchored small sailboat near the shoreline and a large rocky outcrop behind it.
A head-and-shoulders oil painting of James Coristine, wearing a black coat and cravat, white collar and shirt. He looks to be between the ages of 30-40, with side-parted dark hair, and long sideburns. His expression is calm, though his complexion is flushed; he gazes into the distance to the right of the viewer.
Black and white portrait of the head and shoulders and arm of Louis St. Laurent in a suit and tie, with receding grey hair, dark eyes and an authoritative expression.
Telegram to Sir John A. Macdonald from Sir William Van Horne, announcing the completion of the Canadian Pacific Railroad.
Coloured lithograph of a river scene that features a steamboat at a wharf, a sailboat in the river, a tethered canoe on shore, and a settlement in the background with a church and several houses scattered across the side of a hill.
Black and white photograph of a large house (Villa Les Rochers) with a verandah spanning the front of it, a set of stairs leading up to the verandah, an overgrown deciduous tree and an evergreen tree in front.
A black and white drawing or etching, depicting groups of travellers in Victorian clothing, men, women and children in various acts of moving furniture, forming queues, departing, arriving, or waiting.
Colour photograph of the view of a well-maintained lawn in front of a large verandah, visible in the foreground. In the distance, on the lawn, are three empty white lawn chairs. The lawn is rimmed with cedar and fir trees.
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