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In this gallery, photographs and archival documents, artefacts, drawings and topographic maps will allow you to discover the history of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade in pictures.
Handwritten archival document of John Jones Ross’s burial records buried under the nave tiles of the parish church dated May 7 1901 three days after his death.
Black and white photograph of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade railway station where travellers and a horse-drawn carriage are gathered.
Geographic map of Sainte-Anne Sainte-Marie Sainte-Elisabeth and d’Orvilliers villages of Sainte-Marie Rapide Sud and Rapide Nord lanes of îles Saint-Ignace and île des Pins of Petit Chenail and Lower Sainte-Anne showing the population density by zone with red and orange color marks.
Orange rectangular metal box of 200 His master’s voice brand 200 gramophone needles patented by Emile Berliner. On the cover of the box there is an image of a gramophone and of a dog.
Black and white photograph of the three-storey convent of Sainte-Anne with shuttered windows and gabled roof with small bell tower in the center and six dormers.
Part of an archival photograph of students and teachers in front of Sainte-Anne’s convent.
Black and white photograph of a Sainte-Anne’s convent class with a blackboard a terrestrial globe and desks covered with sheets.
Topographic map showing the path followed by J A Rousseau from the railway station to the Congregation of Notre-Dame’s convent and then to the Brothers of the Sacred Heart school.
Black and white photograph of a face view of Sainte-Anne Church before the construction of the bell towers.
Black and white photograph of Sainte-Anne Church with both bell towers.
Sepia color photograph of Télesphore Laflèche wearing a cassock.
Black and white photograph of the new Sainte-Anne rectory where Father Laflèche lived with a sheet metal mansard roof brick front frontage porch and central staircase.
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