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1681 – Dinner Is Served!

Drawing of Michel Roy’s basic kitchen with a cabinet above which herbs are hanging and a table on which are various vegetables sit in a bowl ready for preparing the meal.

Interior of the home of Michel Roy said to be Châtellerault.


This is not my first house in Sainte-Anne river. About ten years ago, I sold the one I had built on my first concession to an inhabitant of Trois-Rivières. That was not my last transaction. Shortly afterwards, I bought Pierre Trottier’s parcel of land for 300 livres and resold it two years later to Louis Foucher for 555 livres. A nice profit! But enough about me, let’s enjoy the good meal Françoise has prepared for us.

Tied deck of cards made from cardboard from the 18th century. The card on top of the deck shows a drawing of Tarquin l’Ancien with a brief biography.

Deck of cards.

Would you like me to slice you a piece of bread and pour you a bowl of soup? We make our bread with wheat cultivated in our fields and the soup with vegetables from our garden: peas, cabbages and onions. Do you feel like a game of cards after eating? I’m warning you, I’m a fearsome piquet player. Have you brought your pipe? I have good Canadian tobacco and French brandy for the end of the evening … and to dip our bread in tomorrow morning!

It’s time to say goodbye ! Il leave you in the good care of your next guide, Mr. Jeffrey Alexandre Rousseau.