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In this gallery, photographs and archival documents, artefacts, drawings and topographic maps will allow you to discover the history of Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade in pictures.
Archival photograph of the building housing the match factory in front of which several workers stand. Piles of wooden debris border the frontage which has many windows where men and women workers can be seen.
Red advertising poster with beige background stating Star matches manufactured by Canada match company Ste Anne de la Pérade PQ. The poster shows a picture of the factory in front of which some horse-drawn carriages are passing.
Black and white photograph of about forty men, women and children employed by the Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade’s Canadian cookie factory.
Topographic map showing the path from the municipal bridge to the match factory.
Black and white winter photograph of the railway bridge passing over Sainte-Anne River with its iron structure and stone pillars.
Black and white winter photograph of the J A Rousseau bank a building of Second Empire style with gable dormer and turrets.
Check from the J A Rousseau bankers’ bank in the amount of twenty dollars dated July 26 1924 and signed by Arthur Hivon.
Cover page of the bank booklet from the J A Rousseau bank and belonging to the co-seigneurs of Sainte-Marie La Pérade signed by Philippe Charest.
Black and white photograph of the front view and part of the side of J A Rousseau’s house Second Empire style with arched dormers and covered porch.
Black and white photograph of Jeffrey Alexandre Rousseau his wife his four children and three other family members with a dog posing in front of his house’s porch.
Service pistol with its holster which had belonged to J A Rousseau.
Metal knob of a cane adorned with acanthus leaves and carved with the inscription Presented to J A Rousseau by his employees Decembre 22/92.
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