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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio related to Sweat Equity – The Grimsby Homebuilding Co-operative 1953-1956. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
Internal page of a booklet  Around Ontario Map to the Co-operative communities around Ontario
Black and white drawing of a house plan. Interior drawing of the basement plan and the front elevation
Colour photograph of a group of women at a museum exhibit Sweat Equity
Colour photograph of a priest wearing white and red
List of the 81 Grimsby Homebuilding Co-operative Families
Black and white photograph of a girl dancing
Black and white photograph of four men walking towards a car. Three Priests and a man in a suit
Black and white photograph of two children sitting on house steps
Colour picture of a person sitting on a stone beach
black and white photograph of 2 children out side the back of a house and a woman at the door. House in under construction
Black and white photograph of two men shingling a roof
Photograph of a priest holding a shovel digging in a field