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Credits and Acknowledgements

Museum Manager/Curator: Janet Oakes

Stories: Janet Muise, Bernadette Walsh, Taylor Arsenault, Steve Cheverie

Story Editor: Maureen Conley

French Translation: Girard Translation

Comparative Editing: Jean-Benoît Rainville

Content Integration: Janet Oakes, Janet Muise

Photo and document research: Janet Muise, Bernadette Walsh, Patricia Walsh

Photo, story and editing assistance: Emma Sarchese, Elaine Magri, Brian Gallagher, Steve Cheverie, Dan O’Reilly, Mary Marrocco, Peter Marrocco, Marianne (Finlay) Guistini, Michelle Smulders, Mary Hendriks, Frank Barretto, Amanda Alton, Barb Fozard, Dorothy Forbes, Dorothy Turcotte

Interviews: Janet Muise, Bernadette Walsh

Interview recording and Interview photos: Paul Ames, Janet Muise

Interview transcriptions: Janet Oakes, Arlene Blake, Joanne Blake Boeck, Rosemary Branchaud Gabriel, Barb Colleary, Rick Muise, Cindy Forbes Organ, Sandra Anderson, Karen Gallagher, Cindy Gay Wright, Janet Muise, Colleen Macpherson Barliak, Carolin Muise, Steve Cheverie, Dave & Sue Pendlebury, Mary Walsh Holmes, Lorraine Muise, Aimee Walsh Lewis, Anne Plenderleith Reining

Video editing: Emma Sarchese, Janet Muise

Alternate text: Janet Oakes

8 mm Film recordings: John Blake

Filmmakers: Chris Tait & Richard Pierce for the film 60 Years: Grimsby Homebuilding Co-operative

Graphics & photo editing: Janet Muise, Tiffany Tifan


Thank you to the ‘co-op builders’ and their families for sharing their personal stories, photos and documents that enrich the telling of this story. Special thanks to builders John Blake, Charlie Gallagher, Don Gay for their ongoing consultation in 2016 – 2021 and to Bob Walsh for his insights in his 1981 story Co-operative Students to Co-operative Builders on the 25th Anniversary.

The Grimsby co-op homebuilding community would like to thank the Grimsby Museum for offering to tell the co-op story. Thank you to Janet Cannon, Colleen Laverdiere and Tiffany Tifan and their team for working with us to create the 2016 ‘Sweat Equity’ exhibit and proposing the Digital Museums Canada exhibit. A special thanks to Janet Oakes for making application to Digital Museums Canada in 2019 and seeing this final exhibit through in 2021.

The ‘Co-op at 60’ Working Group formed in 2014 to plan the 60th anniversary celebration of the Grimsby Homebuilding Co-operative. Their contribution of time and planning to the 2016 Grimsby Museum exhibit is foundation of this “Community Stories’ exhibit. They are Bernadette Walsh, Carolin Muise, Janet Muise, Terri Morrison, Peggy Morrison, Sheila Robertson, Judy Hampton and Barb Colleary.

Thank you to the volunteers of the Grimsby Historical Society Archives who keep safe the photographs and documents donated by the co-op parents that assisted in the telling of this story.

A special thanks to Rita Marrocco, whose biography of Bishop Marrocco, titled ‘The Light from One Candle’, was invaluable in the understanding of the ‘Sweat equity’ co-operative homebuilding in Ontario. Thank you to her son Peter and daughter Mary for their assistance. Rita passed away in October 8, 2020 and was pleased to know we were preparing to tell this wonderful story through the Digital Museums Canada.

Thank you to:

Grimsby Historical Society Archives

The Grimsby Museum

Grimsby Public Library

The Grimsby Independent

Niagara This Week

The Hamilton Spectator

St. Francis Xavier Archives

Archives of Ontario

City of Ottawa Archives

Toronto Reference Library

Brampton Heritage Times

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Marrocco Homebuilding Co-operative Society (Charles Trinque Collection, Clarke family, Lakeview-Terrace Residents Association)

Family Home Builder Co-operative Ltd. (Finlay family, Varley family)