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Verdun in Wartime: An Engaged Community

Located on the Island of Montréal, the borough of Verdun has a rich military history of devotion and commitment. Recognized in the 20th century for its exemplary contribution to the Canadian war effort, it is one of the communities that offered up the greatest number of volunteers in proportion to its population in both world wars. The 100th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Legion’s Verdun branch, celebrated in 2019, was an opportunity to shine the spotlight on the history of this community’s remarkable wartime mobilization. 

While Verdunites were in uniform, the entire City mobilized! Workers, women, citizens and children also participated in the war effort. This singular engagement had an impact on all aspects of life for the people of Verdun during and after the wars: work, housing, family, social fabric and urban planning. Today, the streets, neighbourhoods, parks, schools and monuments reflect the importance of both these world wars for the community. 

Discover, through images and accounts, the fascinating history of the mobilization of this community.

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