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The Outfitter: A One-Man Band

The dictionary defines “outfitter” as a supplier of equipment, and possibly guide services, for outdoor activities. In an outfitting establishment, the outfitter often works from 4:00 in the morning to 10:00 at night, with the sole aim of creating an unforgettable experience for clients.

Colour photo, a man drills a hole on a frozen lake with the help of a gas ice auger.

Ice fishing hole drilling, 2013

Outfitters are true one-man bands: their versatile talents are often called upon 12 months a year, as many outfitters operate both summer and winter. They have a broad skill set, unflagging energy and Herculean strength that enable them to carry out construction and renovation work as well as trail maintenance. They also assist hunters on rough terrain, helping retrieve bagged moose from the woods. In addition, they prepare spawning beds, transport gravel, clear brush and much more.

Colour photo, a man holding a saw, chopping a tree in order to make firewood.

Felling a tree, 2017

Colour photo, 4 men enjoying a beer at the bar.

People skills, 2013

Outfitters must also be excellent managers and talented “G.O.s” (gentils organisateurs, à la Club Med)! Once considered small businesses, some outfitters have become large businesses. They have to manage their employees and run events like fishing tournaments and group activities, and so on. But without a doubt, their most important talent is the ability to socialize and get along with others. Far removed from the solitary forest hermits we often picture in our minds, outfitters make a point of getting to know their clients and catering to their many needs.

Outfitters are first and foremost facilitators who put nature lovers in direct contact with a region’s flora and fauna in a safe, responsible manner.