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Fishing: Not Just for Grown-ups

The hunting and fishing grounds operated by Mauricie’s outfitters have long been reserved for adults. In the 1880s, well-heeled businessmen would often come to fish “with the guys” while the women enjoyed a canoe ride, protecting their fair complexions with parasols. But times have changed, and today, outfitters are the perfect playground for the whole family.

Black and white photo, two boats on sprawling lac Édouard. In the foreground, men fish in one boat, while further away women sit in the shade of a canopy built just for them.

Fun on the water, cica 1880


Colour photo, a cottage stands just a few metres from a lake, a group of adults and children enjoy water sports: swimming, kayaking, paddle-boating, and pedal-boating. A few Adirondack chairs are installed on the beach, where vacationers sit and enjoy the moment.

An immense playground in the middle of nature, 2016

It’s wonderful to see little urban dwellers discover nature and the wealth of outdoor experiences it offers.

In the summer, outfitters offer an extensive lineup of activities, including cycling, hiking in the forest, picking wild mushrooms, swimming in crystalline lakes, playing on inflatables, paddleboarding, kayaking, canoeing, pedal boating and, of course, fishing.

Colour photo, a log cabin with a lake just a few metres away. A child standing on the edge of a dock practices casting with a fly-fishing rod. A woman looks on from the balcony. Serene atmosphere, all is calm.

The next generation, 2017


Many outfitters offer introductory fishing courses, fishing lessons for young anglers, and even vacation camps where outfitters can share their love of fishing with new generations.

Colour photo taken on a cottage porch; 4 children hold trout in their hands, they are accompanied by a man.

Young fishermen from L’académie de pêche du lac Saint-Pierre, 2018


Colour photo, a father happy to initiate and his young son to ice fishing. A hole is drilled in the ice and a brimball is installed, they are ready for ice fishing.

A father introducing his son to ice fishing, 2013

In the winter, too, these immense playgrounds lure families looking for wide open spaces to enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and ice fishing.