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In this section you will find the images and audio recordings used in the exhibition. The approximate date the image was taken is indicated after the title of each photograph. When the exact date is not known the acronym n.d. indicates there is “no date”. Please do not hesitate to click on images which interest you. This will allow you to access a larger version of the image and further information about its origin.
A portrait of Ralph Merry V
Magog Academy propectus
Group of schoolchildren posing with thier teacher
18 young schoolchildren
36 schoolchildren with thier teacher
Magog Academy facing St-Patrick St.
Magog Academy front toward Main St.
Twenty-nine school children of all ages pose with their teacher in front of a small white woodenbuilding.
Band in front of Audet's house.
First St-Patrick Chapel
Twenty-six schoolchildren
The Merry House
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