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The collection of both religious and non-religious artefacts at St. James the Apostle Church, is an important link for the families and village of Fenelon Falls.
Large butternut oak sideboard for a dining room. Contains two drawers towards top, with two cupboards with doors under drawers underneath.
Black and White photograph of Anne Langton doing sewing. Miss Langton is seated, with glasses on. She is wearing a black dress, with a shawl around her shoulders and over her head.
A 20th century watercolour of the second St. James Church on a summer's day. The painting shows the church on a hill with a path leading to its doors.
Model of log church on green base.
The family crest of the Langton family was a double headed eagle, with a gold trefoil (which was also the symbol of the Anglican church on its breast.
Detail of a sketch of a man and women circa 1830.
La cloche de l'église St. James. Painting shows a group of people walking down down the path from Church Hill
Colour photograph of the bell onto of steeple of current St. James Church. The bell is painted a grey colour. In the background is a view of the town of Fenelon Falls, with Cameron Lake in the very back of the picture.
Large leather bound Bible. The leather is tooled with the words Holy Bible tooled into the leather and print is in gold colour.
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