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Reverend Fidler


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On June 1st, 1847, Rev. Fidler set out to visit the southern portion of his outlying parish by canoe. Before receiving paddles, Rev. Fidler was swept quickly out of reach and sadly, over the falls to his death. He is buried in the hilltop St. James Cemetery. In spite of the fact that he was much loved by the congregation, they failed to record his death in the church registry until twenty-five years later.

Charcoal sketch of Fenelon Falls Circa 1837. The sketch is done from a rocky shore just under a ledge on the south side of the falls. The small horseshoe falls are heavy with water. In the right of the sketch where the present town of Fenelon Falls is, there is a rocky shore leading to trees.

Anne Langton ink sketch of the falls in Fenelon Falls. This depiction is from the south side of Sturgeon Lake looking north west to Cameron Lake. Used by permission of the City of Kawartha Lakes Archives.