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Candle Making

A candle snuffer with a wooden handle

Candlesnuffer with oak handle c. 1920 found in archives of St. James the Apostle Church, Fenelon Falls.

We take our creature comforts so much for granted today.  Light was only provided after dark by candles.  In the early days, they were brought in from Peterborough.

Charcoal pencil sketch from early 19th century. A woman stands at a round wooden structure. There are 12 arms on each side each holding a candle.

Candle making machine; invented by John Langton c. 1846. Used with permission of City of Kawartha Lakes Archives.

Anne became proficient in candle making out of necessity.  It was a long process of dipping warm tallow (a rendered form of beef or mutton fat) over a wick.  To make the process faster and easier, candle making wheels were fashioned.

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