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First Minister, First Trustee


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Small hand held Bible in very delicate condition.

A small leather bible, circa 1885.

In 1839, St. James acquired an Incumbent and Schoolmaster who met Anne’s high standards. His name was Rev.Thomas Fidler. As a faithful person, Anne was very involved in parish life and guidance. She writes with excitement of finding the ideal place for the Parsonage and its construction.

Mr. Wallis was the first “Trustee” of the Parish – a role today filled by Churchwardens in the Anglican tradition.

Anne could even be critical of her new recruits….

Mr. Wallis, too, appears to have been not sufficiently firm and explicit as to what could and could not be done.  Mr. Fidler has indulged in some whims and extravagances which have made the expenses run up much faster than they should have done.

Two pages of a hand written text from April 8, 1868 regarding church resolution.

Copy of a resolution dated Easter Monday 1868 and a receipt dated October 2, 1868. By 1868 the Langton’s had left St. James the Apostle Church, but many originals of handwritten motions and resolutions remain at St. James in Fenelon Falls today.