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The Preservation of Food at Blythe Farm

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During the early years, supplies were shipped from England. Food was in short supply.  When a pig was ready for slaughter, Anne and her mother would be found butchering and preparing meat for storage for the coming winter.

Large butternut oak sideboard for a dining room. Contains two drawers towards top, with two cupboards with doors under drawers underneath.

Sideboard that was in the home of Anne Langton. Made of wood from butternut trees that grew at Blythe Farm. The sideboard is located at the Fenelon Museum.

In those days, without refrigeration, pork was cut into rolled portions and prepared by coating it with salt to preserve it. Anne explains, that the kitchen scene would have shocked her English friends but she persevered.

Large ceramic container that was used to make the wine.

Large communion wine crock found at St. James with recipe inside. circa 1915.