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Journey to St. James the Apostle

The journey to St. James the Apostle wasn’t easy – by canoe or in winter, by sleigh.

Anne Langton wrote in her journal:

About 10 o’clock, two boats-full put off from the landing, and wended their way up the river to Fenelon Falls, and as soon as there was an appearance of the congregation assembling, we walked slowly up the hill to our little church.

La cloche de l'église St. James. Painting shows a group of people walking down down the path from Church Hill

The watercolour shows congregants walking down the path up “Church Hill” to the second church.

Pencil sketch of Anne Langton called The Encapement. The sketch shows a wood scene. There are two rough roof shelters built. The first shelter to the left has Indigenous people resting underneath. The second shelter to the right has a fire, and a small cooking part hanging from the roof.

“Indian Encampment near Blythe” by Anne Langtonc. 1839; ink and graphite on brownish grey paper wove paper. Used by permission of the City of Kawartha Lakes Archives.

Anne’s sketchbook was full of images around Fenelon Falls and surrounding area.

Because colour art supplies were unavailable, most of Anne’s works were mono-chromatic charcoal sketches.


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