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Visitors to this exhibit will explore the history of the Jewish community of Saint John, New Brunswick through a sample of photographs and chapters which introduce the most important aspects of the community’s rich history from 1783 to the present day.
Informal portrait of family seated on the ground – parents and two children, one boy, one girl
A wooden building with a central door and five windows with rounded arches over them.
Seven women and two men gathered in front of display in Jewish Museum
Six children standing on platform at front of Synagogue – each child holding a life-size colourful cardboard dreidl
Large sandstone two story building with large windows, entrance with stairs and Canada flag on pole at left
Museum exhibition with three display cabinets and wooden Holy Ark and painted portrait of man in prayer by Fred Ross at right
Large grey painted Chanukah menorah with some candles lit and teenaged boy reaching up to adjust lights
Exhibition room in Museum with two display cabinets, table set for Sabbath meal, assortment of brass Chanukah menorahs on mantelpiece and photographs on wall
Grey haired woman in white blouse and man in dark business suit – smiling toward camera
Two men and two women standing together – paintings on wall in background
Two girls with arms wrapped around each other
Two men and a woman seated at a dining table - others can be seen in the background
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