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Visitors to this exhibit will explore the history of the Jewish community of Saint John, New Brunswick through a sample of photographs and chapters which introduce the most important aspects of the community’s rich history from 1783 to the present day.
Three men and three women – men in business suits, women in dresses – standing with arms linked
Man seated at piano with woman holding a microphone to his mouth
23 men in business suits arranged in three rows
Formal portrait of woman with white hair and blue jacket with multi-coloured scarf
Formal portrait of women in jacket and long skirt and greying hair – seated in ornate arm chair
Formal portrait of man in business suit with mustache
Portrait of bald man in business suit with glasses
Man wearing a three piece suit and glasses seated in a wingback chair
Man with glasses and beard – wearing a tuxedo
Portrait in profile of man wearing Scout Leader uniform
Formal portrait of woman with brown hair, glasses and tweed jacket
Formal portrait of middle aged man in business suit and glasses
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