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Visitors to this exhibit will explore the history of the Jewish community of Saint John, New Brunswick through a sample of photographs and chapters which introduce the most important aspects of the community’s rich history from 1783 to the present day.
Formal portrait of grey haired man wearing mayoral robes and chain of office – the robes are red with brown fur trim around the collar, down the front and the ends of the sleeves
Boy standing with back to camera directing group of girls wearing summer dresses and holding assorted instruments including triangles and tambourines
Four children in bathing suits standing on a rock – arranged from left from tallest and oldest to youngest and shortest
Woman standing at bottom of wooden steps leading to cottage with teenaged daughter on her left arm and teenaged son at her right arm
16 men and women seated on a wooden verandah – one man holding a ukelele
13 friends – some in bathing suits, others in pants and shirts gathered in front of a beached canoe
Two women in bathing suits seated on a large piece of driftwood on a beach with their backs together
10 women lined up behind long counter, some wearing aprons – two men in naval uniforms at far end
Formal portrait of young women in uniform of Nursing Sister with white veil and white uniform
Formal portrait of man with wire framed glasses and wearing uniform of Canadian Army with pin for Canadian Dental Corps
Two men in Canadian Army uniforms with the man at right receiving medal from man on left
Two men in suit jackets standing behind counter with display of men’s work shirts and crowded shelves to the right
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