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Please browse the gallery below to see all of the images, videos and audio recordings about Laval’s economic history. Click on the various elements to enlarge the images and read the descriptions, or to listen to and view the audio and video recordings.
Colour photograph of the Des Prairies River Dam.
Black and white photograph of a farm field in which cold frames have been installed.
Black and white photograph of the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul penitentiary, inside the walls. In the photograph, men can be seen cutting stone.
Black and white photograph of a stone quarry.
Black and white photograph of citizens demonstrating against the pollution produced by the Demix quarry. In the foreground, a sign held by a man reads “Avec Paiement, on a des carrières de l’avenir” [With (then mayor of Laval) Paiement we have the quarries of the future.]
Black and white photograph of a former quarry in the process of being rehabilitated. A lake and a greenhouse can be seen in the distance. Today, it is the Centre de la nature de Laval.
Black and white photograph of a small country schoolhouse. Some 40 students are standing on the front porch.
Black and white aerial photograph of Collège Montmorency. The building can be seen in the foreground with a large parking lot surrounded by fields and a small residential neighbourhood.
Black and white photograph of four men dressed in black suits talking together. On the wall behind them is a sign that says “L’association des hommes d’affaires de Laval Inc. S’unir pour s’aider” [Laval Businessmen’s Association. Stronger Together].
Black and white photograph of formally dressed women and men assembled to cut the ribbon for the official opening of the Laval public market.
Photography of Jacques A. Catudal, Founding president of Chambre de commerce de Laval. We see an well aged man sitting on a small armchair. In the background, we can see a canvas displaying objects that represent Centre d’archives de Laval (artefacts, books, folders).
Black and white photograph of 11 women dressed in nurse’s uniforms. They are seated at desks in a classroom, reading textbooks.
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