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Please browse the gallery below to see all of the images, videos and audio recordings about Laval’s economic history. Click on the various elements to enlarge the images and read the descriptions, or to listen to and view the audio and video recordings.
Sepia vintage photograph. A woman dressed in white is sitting on the banks of a river. The Viau Bridge can be seen in the distance.
Vintage black and white photograph. It shows two men and three women aboard a calèche in front of a train station. At the bottom of the photograph, the following handwritten words can be seen: Gare de St Rose 1910 juillet [St-Rose station, July 1910].
Vintage sepia photograph showing a hundred or so people watching a regatta on a river. At the top of the image are the handwritten words “Régate –1910” [Regatta – 1910].
Black and white photograph of a commercial street in the Sainte-Rose district. A few stores, cars parked on the side of the road and the entrance to the Sainte-Rose beach can be seen.
Black and white photograph of two men standing in front of a small white cabin, which was a property sales office. The price was $50 for a fifty-by-one-hundred-foot lot.
Old colour aerial photograph offering a view of the residential streets of St-Vincent-de-Paul, with Collège Laval in the foreground.
Black and white photograph providing an aerial view of a residential neighbourhood near a quarry.
Black and white photograph of three women behind a store counter.
Black and white photograph of a building that was home to a number of businesses: Restaurant Lalonde, a hairdressing salon and a drugstore.
Sepia photograph of a local grocery store. The duplex’s sign reads “J.O. Labelle Restaurant Épicerie.” In front, there are some signs advertising various products, including Coca-Cola and Orange Crush, and Turret cigarettes.
Black and white photograph of a model of Carrefour Laval.
Aerial colour photograph of a former refinery in Saint-François, located near a river and a residential neighbourhood.
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