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Credits and Sources


This online project was developed with the support of the Digital Museums Canada investment program. Digital Museums Canada is managed by the Canadian Museum of History, with the financial support of the Government of Canada.

Curator and Coordinator: Amanda Foote
Exhibit Writer and Historian: Fay Wilson
Text Editor: Jeannette Richter
French translation: Nicole Giguère
Original photography and videography: Jarret Twoyoungmen (Nakoda AV Club)
Thanks to the Beiseker Station Museum board for editing, oversight, and guidance:
  • Iris Balson
  • Fred Bell
  • Ortrud Finck
  • Jeannette Richter
  • Lorraine Pope
  • Lucille Metzger
  • Jean Schwengler
  • Leah Uffelman
  • Anne Wise
  • Warren Wise
Our gratitude goes to the interviewees and contributors:
  • Leonard Hagel
  • Fred Lyczewski
  • Monty Metzger
  • Julie Perks
  • Sarah Rau
  • John Richter
  • Frank Schwengler
  • Jean Schwengler
  • Vera Schmaltz
  • Matt Schmaltz
  • Leah Uffelman
  • Adrian Wolfleg

We also want to acknowledge Fred Lyczewski and Frank Schwengler, who did not live to see this exhibit completed. Rest in peace Fred & Frank.

Thanks to the current Beiseker Community School students who shared their stories with us: Grace Winfield, Layla Tait Poimer, Myranda Wier, and their parents. 

Thanks to Pioneer Acres Museum for providing access to their one room school house for research and photographs.


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For more information about Beiseker Schools, please refer to the Beiseker’s Golden Heritage book available from the Beiseker Station Museum.