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We invite you to explore the images, photographs and video clips presented in the exhibit.
Sepia photo of women working inside an old building. They are selecting, wrapping, and packing apples.
Black and white photo of a large group of men and women outside. Most are sitting on apple boxes stacked in tiers.
Black and white photo of a young woman standing behind a tilted wooden box. She is inside a building and there is a bin of apples to her right.
Black and white photo of rows of small, young trees in a large flat field. A forest and hill are in the background.
Black and white photo of several men, women, and children standing on a large wooden patio in front of a white wooden building, all wearing early 1900's style clothing. To the left are stacked apple boxes and a cart. In the background are trees, grass, a narrow wooden sidewalk, and a horse and buggy.
Black and white photo of a young woman wearing a white Victorian style blouse and long white skirt standing in front of a medium-sized apple tree and reaching up to pick an apple.
Sepia photo of a man in work clothes standing outside, his back to the photographer. He is packing apples into several wooden boxes on a bench. A black and white dog in the foreground looks at the man.
Black and white photo of an old one-story building in a field with hills behind.
Colour photo of a map showing four communities with packinghouse locations marked by green squares. The map shows the growth of the packinghouses over time, with six packinghouses operating by 1920 and five more by 1930. Over the past century there have been at least twenty packinghouses in operation.
Black and white photo of a man in army uniform and a smiling woman seated outside in a field, with hills in the background.
Black and white photo of six men, four women, and one very young girl outside. Behind them is a wooden building. Two wooden boxes of apples are in the foreground; one of the boxes is stamped Towgood, Oyama.
Black and white photo of four women and eleven men, each standing at a packing station along one side of four tables. Each table has a burlap centre filled with apples from which they select an apple, then wrap and place it in a raised box in front of them.
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