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Summing Up Time

Times, times, times! has been a challenge to present as the residents have so many great stories of these celebrations. The most common phrase heard throughout the collection process was “Those were the good old days”. In every story that line is supported by the sense that “we were all together then” in a community held together by shared experiences, reliance on each other and a sense of responsibility for the community and each other. We had a grand time collecting the stories and as Mrs. Anne said:”Sure, this was a good old chat”.  We hope you enjoyed reading about our memories of those times.

We also want to thank the participants who contributed stories, photos, video or audio to this project. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about the individual and collective experiences of the participants and for the Heritage Committee, it was a great opportunity to preserve these times for future generations. Thank you, the reader for assisting us in passing on these stories and thank you to the Virtual Museum of Canada for providing the means to collect and share these stories.

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