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Please browse the gallery below for all the images, videos and audio for the Women of the Sooke Region: From Pioneers to the Modern Wonder Woman exhibit. Click on an item to see an enlarged image with description or to play the video/audio clip.
A man and a young woman stand beside each other wearing martial arts uniforms. She wears a black belt with a red stripe and he wears an all-black belt.
A young woman and a man in martial arts uniforms and gear in a gym, in motion, hold their arms up in punching and blocking positions.
A black and white portrait photo of a woman. She wears a high neck blouse with a white neckerchief and a full, striped skirt. Her hands are resting on a cushioned arm rest, and she holds in her hand what appears to be a card.
A waterfall cascading down large rocks between trees in a forest.
Black and white portrait photo of an elderly woman wearing a knitted hat and sweater.
Black and white photo of a woman outdoors feeding a suckling calf.
A woman kneeling outdoors holding a baby, with a boy standing beside on her right.
A pastel portrait of a woman in a wooden frame hanging on a museum wall.
A woman kneeling outdoors holding a baby, with a boy standing beside on her right.
Woman in a classroom holding a young boy in her lap. In the background are children's paintings on the wall, and toys and various education tools in baskets.
Woman adjusting cape of young boy. Cape features the words Pacheedaht with an image of a wolf and the moon. The design uses traditional Northwest Coast form lines.
A woman and a man arm in arm. The woman wears a traditional graduation cap made of woven bark and a fur tassle hangs from the top.
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