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The Road to Rebellion

The Sharon Temple National Historic Site is proud to share with you our “Road to Rebellion” exhibit. Created by David Lichty and Katlyn Jones, this exhibit tells the story of the community of Sharon during the Rebellion of 1837. Learn about the Children of Peace in their quest for equality, democracy, and Responsible Government. The physical exhibit exists in our exhibit space on site. It includes models of the First Meeting House, the Sharon Temple, and a replica jail cell guests can step inside. Artifacts on display from our collection include Rebellion Boxes, cannon balls, musical instruments, and farming equipment. As well as personal objects such as glasses, inkwells, and a top hat that belonged to some of those who took part.

Enjoy this virtual presentation of our Road to Rebellion exhibition which includes a 3D tour of the Sharon Temple and our exhibit. Get inspired by our peace loving rebels! Gain a deeper understanding of the birth of democracy in Canada! Explore! Learn! Enjoy!

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